One Day at a Time

Hello everyone,

“One Day at A Time”

This Pastor’s corner explores faith verses fear- especially concerning the recent rise in COVID cases.

I remember the radio station KWTX news reporting at 6PM on April 27, 2020 that, and I am paraphrasing, ‘church services can expand their capacity’. Social distance with two chairs between members was one of the rules, and I remember that this could all begin May 1, 2020 in Texas.

Therefore, the 7th Day Congregation Church at Eddy started to institute rules as given by Governor Abbott for eating, drinking, and socializing. That was a year and a half ago. Many freedoms returned, but now, the COVID D variant has increased the epidemic again. We know of a small church that possibly all the members contracted this disease with the Pastor being hospitalized. This is serious, and many live within fear of what might happen. Today, during the reading of the prayer list in church, we heard about a teenager dying of COVID. These, as last year, are fearful times. (more…)

Why Music in the Church?

We listen to much music in our lives. Church music, radio programs- even talk shows have bumper music, TV programs and movies with sound tracks. There is even a certain class of music that many find boring named “elevator music”. Music is in much of our lives, yet we do not notice it a lot of time. As I am writing this, background music is on in the living room.

Music is written about in the Bible and is usually expressing emotions. Luke 15:25 reports the use of music to express happiness that the prodigal son had returned home: 25 “Now his older son was in the field. And as he came and drew near to the house, he heard music and dancing. 26 So he called one of the servants and asked what these things meant. 27 And he said to him, ‘Your brother has come, and because he has received him safe and sound, your father has killed the fatted calf.’” In contrast 1 Samuel 16:23, Saul needed music to help relieve his depression: “23 And so it was, whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him.” There are also many psalms and songs of Solomon; some teaching great thoughts of God and some even teaching prophecy.

Modern music sets our moods. There are some songs that teach about the mercies and wonders of God, and there are others, such as heavy metal, that can literally cause demonic possession. Often our moods and sometimes our problems are due to the music we choose. (more…)

Our light needs to shine.

People need the truth, and the truth can be sent out to everyone now by using the internet. It is our light to the world.

Change is as certain as life, and change can be on a scale from wonderful to dreadful. 2020 is becoming a horror in many ways. Now, it is predicted that over 100 thousand people have died from Covid 19. On a lesser note, I drive by businesses, especially restaurants, that are closed due to this horrible virus; they probably will never open again. Other businesses too have been marauded by this disease. We had the greatest economy, and now, we hear news that over 40 million people are now unemployed in the United States.

What does it all mean? Did we not follow Divine Elohim and are now being punished? Or, is this change that seems to just take place? That is a difficult question to answer. Are we transitioning to final judgement from Divine Elohim? Deuteronomy is full of do’s and don’ts concerning the faithfulness of God’s people. Deuteronomy translates to second law. It is a review of what the Israelite children are to remember when they enter the promised land.

Deuteronomy 26:16 “This day the LORD your God commands you to observe these statutes and judgments; therefore, you shall be careful to observe them with all your heart and with all your soul. 17 Today you have proclaimed the LORD to be your God, and that you will walk in His ways and keep His statutes, His commandments, and His judgments, and that you will obey His voice. 18 Also today the LORD has proclaimed you to be His special people, just as He promised you, that you should keep all His commandments, 19 and that He will set you high above all nations which He has made, in praise, in name, and in honor, and that you may be a [a]holy people to the LORD your God, just as He has spoken.” (more…)